Quick to install

Complements your existing
anti-virus and firewall

Easy to use

Intuitive interface provides all
key information at a glance

Highly effective

Gives you full visibility of your
network while protecting it 24/7


  • Audits your internet connection and all the internet services being accessed by your network
  • Tracks which devices are using particular services
  • Logs the activity on your network for GDPR compliance


  • Automatically blocks ransomware, malware, phishing, zero-day attacks and more that bypass anti-virus and firewalls
  • Detects new devices connecting to your network
  • Spots unusual behaviour and trends


  • Enables you to ban or quarantine suspicious devices or internet services
  • Complements your existing anti-virus and firewall protection
  • Can support multiple networks
  • Optional VPN protects your mobile devices when away from the office
  • SMS Text and email alerts to potential issues