Lujam Advanced Cyber Protection Systems

Cyber Protection Solution

LuJam provides a cost effective cyber security solution within 7 days of connection.

The product is a graduate of the latest GCHQ/NCSC Accelerator programme. NCSC’s purpose is to make the UK the best place to live and do business on-line

LuJam collects security and compliance data to support a journey towards better Cyber Hygiene and government sponsored “Cyber Essentials” certification (CE and CE Plus).

Plug and play simplicity – Just plug the LuJam sensor into your network, and follow the link printed on the top. There is a Virtual LuJam available which removes even this step.

    For Compliance

  • IT Asset Discovery
  • Deep Audit for PC, MAC’s and Linux
  • Monitoring against the 5 Cyber Essentials Technical Controls
  • Identifiction of Key Cloud Services
  • Device Behavioural Monitoring

LuJam Protect your business today from the largest economic threat in modern times.

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