Paypod Payment System

Electromech ECS Ltd is delighted to be an authorised reseller of the Paypod Pay Station.

Handling money at the point of sale is always a challenge to a retailer. The Paypod will alleviate many concerns from a retailer’s point of view. The station comes in two distinct formats, an embedded that allows you to maximise your counter space or a hybrid that can be deployed instantly.

Whichever option the Paypod will enable your business to,

  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve any hygiene concerns of food and money cross-contamination
  • Lockdown cash securely and remove cashing up time
  • Remove shrinkage and overpayment of change
  • Move queues on quicker
  • Prepare your business for the future

Every Paypod includes the unique POSlinq interface software which instantly connects with any existing windows point of sales system. This can all be installed in under two hours.

Call now and get your business prepared for the future

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