The Bank of England will soon be introducing polymer notes as follows:-
The aim is to introduce the next £5 (featuring Sir Winston Churchill) in the second half of 2016 and £10 note (featuring Jane Austen) a year later. The new notes will be smaller (by around 15%).

Customers should now be undertaking an audit of their Bank Note Acceptor’s, Bank Note Recyclers that they currently have in stock and in the field. If these units will still be active in the 2nd half of 2016, you will need to plan to assess if these Bank Note Acceptors can be made Polymer ready.

If you have a BNR, BNA55, BNA56, BNA57, SC83, SC85, SCN83 and SCN85, new notesets with the polymer notes will be available in 2016 for the £5 and in 2017 for the £10. If you have any BNA501, BNA511 and BNA521, these have been obsolete for some time now so please contact Robert Cottingham via email [email protected] or telephone 01276 38569 for alternative solutions.

For any other Bank Note Acceptors, Bank Note Recyclers that are not mentioned above please also contact Robert Cottingham for an update if these units can be made polymer ready or not and what alternatives are available.